Young Money Mentors write and illustrate new ‘money diary’

DebtAware adds to its resources for schools

Wannabe author Poppy Larkin, aged 11, has had a chance to see her work published after working with DebtAware to create a new short story exploring greed, jealousy and work ethic.

The “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees” fictional diary focuses on the life lessons learnt by two siblings trying to manage their money as they grow from children to university students.

The book has been beautifully illustrated by pupils Daisy Jones and Daisy Newton, both of whom are also just 11 years old. All three contributors attend ChristChurch Primary School in Charnock Richard.

Their class teacher, Mrs Taylor, said;

“The girls have done a wonderful job, it is fabulous to have a book published at such a young age.”

The latest addition to DebtAware’s large library of free resources for schools is now ready to be sent out to those using the programme, which Poppy described as giving her “a great sense of achievement and pride”.

As a charity we require donations to continue our work and to develop the programme. A special thank you goes to haulage firm M.C & M.A Stewart whose kind donation made the new diary possible.