Working with primary schools

Our core programme was developed with secondary school students as money mentors. However we had such a positive response from primary schools about our lessons that we are now working directly with primary schools.

Using the same free money management lesson materials and presentations, we train small groups of Year 5 and 6 pupils to become Money Mentors.  They teach the lessons to their fellow pupils, acting as assistants to their class teacher doing presentations, reading diaries and helping pupils with lesson tasks.

Avondale006How does it work?

DebtAware holds training sessions on each module for class teachers and Money Mentors so that they can teach the subjects to the rest of their class.  The level of input by the money mentors is decided by the class teacher, but they are encouraged to take on as much of the teaching and interaction with the class as possible.

Processes are in place to evaluate the success of the programme.

We also have an accreditation scheme (Primary Accreditation) towards which primary schools can work in order to become an accredited ‘DebtAware Money Management School’.


What do schools think of the programme?

One of the first schools to work with us made the following comment:

“I would just like to say how much my year 6’s have enjoyed the Money Mentor Programme. The subjects covered are very beneficial, even at a young age I feel the children have gained a lot from it. The work is enjoyable through the use of the stories and quizzes.”

Anna Rostron, Teacher, Buckshaw Primary School