Working with primary schools

Debt Aware is a 6 module programme which is delivered in year 5 and at the beginning of year 6 in primary schools.

Avondale006How does it work?

The DebtAware team deliver the key lesson for each module, before children from the class are selected to become Money Mentors.

These Money Mentors are trained to lead the class on three further DebtAware tasks which are completed over the following two weeks. The Money Mentors then mark their classmates work, receiving a badge and certificate for their hard work!

These peer-to-peer sessions engage the children and ensure that the key messages from the core lesson are completely embedded.


We also have an accreditation scheme (Primary Accreditation) towards which primary schools can work in order to become an accredited ‘DebtAware Money Management School’.

What do schools think of the programme?

“I would just like to say how much my year 6’s have enjoyed the Money Mentor Programme. The subjects covered are very beneficial, even at a young age I feel the children have gained a lot from it. The work is enjoyable through the use of the stories and quizzes.”

Anna Rostron, Teacher, Buckshaw Primary School