What others think about our money management lessons

Teachers, politicians, educationalists, parents, journalists – everyone who has seen our money mentors at work has been full of praise, both for the commitment of the students teaching the lessons and of the involvement of the pupils. But don’t just take our word for it!

Primary school pupils

“The lesson was really enjoyable and it was good listening to the diaries. When I arrived home I told my mum all about the lesson and even rang my dad and told him. I am looking forward to the next Money Management lesson.” Kourtney, age 10, Longshaw Junior School


“The lessons are great and they make maths fun” Rainford Brook Lodge pupil (Age 10)

“The lessons have helped me understand what to do and what not to do with my money when I am older” Plantation Primary School pupil (aged 10)

“The lessons are fun and I like how they use real life experiences to explain about money” Coppull Primary pupil (aged 9)

“I have learnt to get a good job, have a budget surplus and save the disposable income” St James CE Primary pupil (aged 10)

“The lesson was very enjoyable and it has taught me to put money aside for emergencies” St James CE Primary pupil (aged 9)

“The lesson was very enjoyable and I am excited to be a Money Mentor” Parish CE Primary pupil (aged 10)

“We should have these lessons once a week” St Antony’s RC Primary pupil (aged 9)

 “Best lesson ever, an important life lesson for us all” Spindle-Point Primary pupil (aged 10)


“This has been such a valuable programme for the school to work on. Throughout the lessons the children have worked on practical activities looking at saving, identifying ‘wants and needs’ and budgeting. We believe it is vitally important that from a young age all children develop their understanding of money management as it affects every aspect of daily life. I know that the staff have found some of the advice really valuable too.” Georgina Ryding, Headteacher at St Matthews, Bolton.

“The money management training that our pupils receive is a vital experience which positively impacts not only on the pupils but their families too. The children begin with little understanding of the value of money and the importance of saving and after the lessons they are confident in creating budgets and using language that most adults don’t use, such as surplus and deficit.

“The lessons offer a range of activities which are fun and engaging and address many misconceptions that children have about money, whilst teaching them the importance of money management. We always look forward to these sessions in school.” Samantha Lawn, St Mary’s Primary School, Chorley

“We have been working with Mr Souter and his team for a few years now and are still enjoying seeing the benefits for our children. They have enjoyed the lessons and been thoroughly engaged in the activities due to the lively presentation skills of Mr Souter!

“This year we have particularly seen more awareness of money matters from our children in PSHE lessons showing the messages are going in. They often discuss the importance of finances when we ask about healthy life style and making positive life changes. We truly believe that this is a life skill that is essential for our children.” Lucy Baron, Ightenhill Primary School, Burnley


“DebtAware is a fantastic scheme, which has benefited the pupils of Cherry Fold Primary School enormously. The children have fully enjoyed all the sessions, supporting each other as Money Mentors in order to provide each other with vital skills regarding money and finance, which they can use for the rest of their lives.” Alex Maclean, Cherry Fold Primary, Burnley

“Mr Brian Souter and his colleagues from DebtAware have been into school to deliver lessons to both Year 5 and Year 6 classes. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and learnt some beneficial lifelong skills.

“The children now have a good understanding of how to avoid unmanageable debt in the future and establish money skills for life before bad financial habits are formed.

“The lessons have been professionally delivered and the resources are engaging for the children. This should be a programme rolled out across all primary schools. A big thank you from all at Whittlefield.” Jo Foster, Whittlefield Primary School, Burnley

Accredited schools

“We are very proud to have received the DebtAware accreditation. The children have enjoyed all the sessions and we are incredibly lucky to be involved in this fantastic initiative.” Sarah Chapman, Euxton Primrose Hill Primary, Chorley

“Our school is delighted to have achieved this award, it is a true testament to how much our pupils enjoy the programme and valuable skills they learn from it. We look forward to building on the knowledge we have learned and introducing the DebtAware programme to our future Year 5 and 6 pupils.” Masooma Begum, Heasandford Primary School, Burnley


“I was impressed by the educational books written by the students for the primary schools you are working with. They should be very proud of their work and I am sure the books will help the primary students with their financial literacy.” Elizabeth Truss, former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education and Childcare

Debt Advice 2012 (27)

“The girls’ work was ideal to give children an introduction into finance and handling money. It is beautifully presented, very well written and informative.” Rt Hon Ed Balls, former Secretary of State for Education

“I was interested to read more about the Debt Aware Money Management Programme. I am pleased that your resource will be made available to schools to equip their pupils with money management skills, and that these lessons are delivered by pupils is an interesting approach. I would have enjoyed the opportunity to meet you, and some of the children involved in the money management programme, to hear more about the lessons. I am sorry to say that, because of heavy diary pressure, I am unable to do so at present. I do, however, wish you every success with the programme” Rt Hon Nicky Morgan, former Secretary of State for Education

Financial experts

“I was very impressed by the debt diaries, they are an excellent initiative and I am happy to support the scheme.” Sir Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England