About DebtAware

DebtAware is a financial education programme aimed primarily at 9-13 year olds.

DebtAware is part of Debt Advice Foundation, a registered national debt advice and education charity.

The programme was originally developed in partnership with staff and students at Southlands High School, Chorley, but is now delivered in hundreds of primary schools across England and Scotland.

DebtAware has a series of core teaching resources based around The Money Diaries, all of which were written and illustrated by secondary school students and form the heart of DebtAware’s money management lessons.

The key lesssons are delivered to pupils by the DebtAware team, then selected classmates known as Money Mentors teach and mark three follow-up tasks. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the programme is this peer-to-peer aspect.



The programme aims to:

  • develop in young people a sound and sensible attitude towards money
  • provide them with a basic knowledge and understanding of finances, thereby providing a
    route to financial autonomy
  • enable them to make sound financial decisions
  • raise awareness in young people of the importance of planning for the future

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