First lesson for Burnley Money Mentors

Pupils from Christ the King Primary School in Burnley, Lancashire, have just taken part in their first DebtAware lesson

After training and several practise sessions, the school’s chosen Money Mentors helped their teacher deliver module one to the rest of their class.

The lesson is one of a series of six created with the purpose of equipping kids with the knowledge and understanding needed to develop money skills for life. Each unit includes a PowerPoint presentation, workbook, extension tasks and dedicated story book.

In module one, pupils learn sort items into two categories; needs and wants, by creating a supermarket shopping list and sticking to a budget.

The module also focuses on debt- what debt is, when it becomes a problem, and how it affects families. The repercussions of debt are explored through a fictional case study of a boy whose mum is in debt on his birthday.

The lesson also covers the different bank accounts available and various money saving tips, such as washing clothes at a lower temperatures.

The serious nature of the programme doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun, and there are many interactive activities involved such as podcasts, an anagram challenge, a quiz and a tricky code breaker…and that’s just lesson one!

You can take a look at our programme here