DebtAware goes to Derby

One of our accredited Money Management Schools has recently been to visit another school in Derby, in order to spread the DebtAware message.

Avondale Primary School in Darwen has been involved in DebtAware programme for several years, and is so sure that the programme will reduce the negative effects of debt that it has sent four of its own Money Mentors over 100 miles away to deliver the lessons to children at St Joseph’s primary school in Derby.

DebtAware education manager Brian Souter said:

“Avondale’s Money Mentors taught a new group of Money Mentors at St Josephs, so these money management skills will pass to children across Derby. Understanding money and debt is such a fundamental requirement and we believe that teaching children this at a young age will help them to form good financial habits for life.”


Avondale Derby trip 1 Avondale Money Mentors at Derby Avondale Derby Trip 2